About Me

Servus and hello! I'm Amber. 

I'm from Minnesota but I live in Vienna, Austria. I love to speak German, but I have to speak English at work. I like running, cooking, and traveling. I'm interested in vegetarianism/veganism, and I love learning about nutrition and fitness. 

Here's how Vienna has become mein zweites Zuhause (home away from home):
After finishing my degree in German Studies in 2009, I was awarded a teaching assistant grant through the Austrian-American Educational Commission (Fulbright) to teach English in Braunau am Inn, a small town about one hour north of Salzburg. I quickly realized how great of a job it was and thus extended my assistantship and moved to Vienna in the fall of 2010. After ending the Fulbright program, I worked for two years in a bilingual elementary school until the summer of 2013. 

Now I will begin a new journey in Vienna as I begin my masters degree in the fall of 2013 at the University of Vienna.

This blog was started four years ago so that my friends and family could follow my then-temporary adventures in Austria and Europe. Since then it has transformed into a place where I can share my interests, culture differences that aren't so different anymore, travels from here to there, anglicisms in German, and life as a student abroad.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tchüss, baba!

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