Thursday, November 21, 2013

Avoiding Cold Feet

I just realized that the first thing I do when I enter my apartment is go put on my Hausschuhe (slippers). I used to find it really strange that everyone constantly wore slippers around the house and even offered slippers to their guests. Students in schools are required to wear them. I was even asked to bring a pair during my orientation week in an Austrian youth hostel four years ago. (I, of course, did not bring any, and I think maybe just a few out of the hundred TAs actually brought them.)

But today I just became aware of my post-arrival tradition of locating where my Hausschuhe are. The other day I even asked my friend if he had some extra Hausschuhe laying around.

I'm slowly forgetting what it's like to have warm carpet everywhere. I guess my feet have just become too cold in the winter on these hardwood floors and need the warmth and comfort of a nice five euro pair of slippers.

That being said, I should mention that my Hausschuhe are super fluffy and soft while the standard pair of Hausschuhe here are Birkenstock-like sandals. That's right; Austrians wear Birkenstocks as slippers, not as summer sandals as I have seen on many occasions in the United States. 

I admit to the fact of being a Hausschuhe fan, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to spend fifty euros on a pair of indoor sandals. I also will never bring mine with me.

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