Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Way, Way Overdue Update


Finally! I said "Bye Bye" to the kiddies Friday and said CHEERS to the beginning of three months of summer vacation! 

The past two months have flown by faster than lighting, and that's why I have hardly updated. 

And so much has happened and changed. Here's a quick overview:

I went to Brussels on a last-minute weekend trip to visit my aunt and uncle.

I visited the outside of the European Union buildings, something I had wanted to do since taking a course on European Politics during my undergraduate study.

And shortly after visiting the EU, I was pick-pocketed for the SECOND time while living in Europe, the first time being in Malta. 

This all resulted in dealing with lots of fun Austrian bureaucracy to replace stolen cards, including my residence permit. To make a long story short, it was all taken care of, and I can at least admire my persistence and German skills.

Just a few days after coming back from Brussels, and having been very stressed might I add, I came down with tonsillitis for the second time within one month. Blaming the kiddies at school for that one. This, of course, happened the morning I was due to fly to Norway. Again, some persistence and German skills landed me a last-minute appointment at my ENT doctor, who drugged me up and sent me on my way to Norway.

The weekend was pretty low key for obvious reasons, but I did manage to do a little bit of sightseeing with my friend, Erin.

A few days after returning to Austria, mostly healthy, my friend Laura moved to Vienna from the United States! I took her to a traditional Viennese Heurige to celebrate her arrival.

May ended and June brought viel Lernen. I was scheduled to take an advanced German test mid-June required by the University of Vienna, so I spent hours brushing up my very colloquial German and polishing my writing skills. Perhaps a bit overkill, but I did pass the test with flying colors!

As the school year came to an end, I had to say goodbye to my colleagues and students, as I will hopefully begin a full-time study program in the Fall at Uni Wien, as I have mentioned before in a previous post. However, after much thought and self-reflecting, I have decided not to apply for the Lehramt (teaching accreditation program) here. For many reasons, I have decided to apply for two masters programs: German Studies and German as a Foreign/Second Language, the latter being the program I'd really like to do. The application has been sent in, so cross your fingers and press your thumbs!

And that brings me up to speed. Summer has started, I've caught up on sleep, soaked in some rays, and packed for my trip to Scotland! I'll be in Edinburgh and St.Andrews as of tomorrow for a wedding. Looking forward to my second time in Scotland, as well as seeing some familiar faces!

Happy Summer Holidays everyone!