Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wo bin ich?

As per tradition, I am currently spending half of my summer holidays in the United States. Currently, I am accessing internet with a soy latte from the local coffee shop, as my parents still have yet to upgrade the house to "modern" with amenities that the majority of us consider standard (i.e. internet). Rather than sit perched in an uncomfortable wooden chair ever-so closely to the dining room window hoping to pick up a weak signal from who-knows-where, I'm enjoying the abundance of free things that American businesses have to offer (i.e. free WiFi-- on a quick side note, I noticed this time around that free WiFi is literally everywhere: truck stops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, malls, etc etc).

Rather than flying to Minneapolis, I flew into Chicago and had a lovely visit with a former college roommate/friend. I am not exaggerating when I say that I LOVE Chicago. Really, it is fantastic. Such a great place to fly into after spending months abroad; it makes the ease into American living much easier and less abrasive/scary/foreign/strange, etc etc. 

After a great five days in Chicago, I traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit my mother's side of the family for a long weekend.

Now I've been back in Minnesota visiting old and dear friends, even making new friends, and trying new things that I never managed to do while growing up here, like kayaking on the chain of lakes, visiting new suburbs, trying out well-known restaurants.

I've got less than two weeks here, and I'll be spending the weekend back in Michigan, this time, the Upper Peninsula with some friends on a lakeside cabin. To finish my visit, I'll travel back down to Chicago for a three-day visit with some great friends. 

Then it's back to Vienna for yet another year-- my fourth!