Friday, May 4, 2012

Luxus Pur

My shoes are in the shop getting repaired (the top layer split open from the seam), so I've been finding other ways to enjoy my free time while staying somewhat active.

This past Tuesday was a holiday, the equivalent of Labor Day in the US, so my school took Monday off as well. That meant a much needed four-day weekend filled with lots of sun and the warmest temperatures in April that Austria has ever seen. 

I spent nearly every waking minute outside, and I had one of the best weekends here in a long time. My itinerary as followed:

  • Friday: birthday party
  • Saturday: ruby game in the outskirts of Vienna with a few friends and drinks at an outdoor pub terrace
  • Sunday: picnic in the Central Park of Vienna followed by church
  • Monday: day-trip to Bratislava, Slovakia, which can be summed up as followed: lots of cheap food and cheap drinks, people watching, sitting in the sun on the Danube, little sightseeing
  • Tuesday: three hour bike ride in the Wachau, my favorite wine region in Austria, located one hour outside of Vienna. We biked from Melk to Krems and stopped at two Heuriger, or wine taverns. 
Another great part of having a four-day weekend meant a three-day work week. It's already the weekend :-)