Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Denglisch part two:

I just remembered another thing one of the kids said to me a couple of weeks ago. It was St.Nicholas Day, and one of the boys was explaining how St.Nicholas would visit him that evening. He was so excited, he wanted me to come, too.

Denglisch: "Ms. J, I'm lading you to my home ein".

Correct German: Ich lade dich zu mir ein"
Correct English: I'm inviting you over [to my home]
"I have ihr helpet".

One of the best parts about working in an English immersion school abroad is laughing at all the cute Denglisch things the kids say. Luckily I speak German, so I can understand exactly what the kids want to say, and how it gets messed up in translation.

"I have ihr helpet" in German: "Ich habe ihr geholfen"
"I have ihr helpet" in English: "I helped her"

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Preparing the Feuerzangenbowle at the Krampus party. A rum-soaked sugar loaf that will be set on fire and allowed to drip into Gl├╝hwein (mulled spice wine)

A fun and delicious, albeit somewhat dangerous, tradition at Christmas or New Years

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Krampus Party

Krampus from the Perchtenlauf 2009 in Braunau, Austria

I'm off to a Krampus party. I have no idea what that entails; I just hope that Krampus will be there live. Also, I believe we will be drinking some sort of special drink where a sugar cane is lit on fire and slowly dripped into the bowl of punch. I hope I won't be beaten with any sticks or horse hairs.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Der Nikolo ist da! Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

It appears that Nikolo (Saint Nicholas to us Americans) visited my apartment this past night. I found a giant stocking filled with chocolate, nuts, fruit, and Lebkuchen  (ginger bread). It was pretty much the coolest surprise ever, since I don't think I've ever been visited by Nikolo before-- at least not that I can remember.

Nikolo even made an appearance today at school. He had a giant leather-bound book with individual statements about each kid written in it; for instance, things like "so and so was a good brother this year, really likes to help out in school, and is a great soccer player". The children were amazed that Nikolo knew so much about them! 

Apparently I was a good girl this past year, since I didn't get a visit from Krampus, the "anti-Nikolo" who carries around sticks and beats children with them. Okay, I don't think Krampus actually beats children anymore in the 21st century, but he's just as scary and threatening without any beatings.