Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to Sunny Vienna

I have been back in Vienna now for a week. I suffered from probably the worse jet lag ever, as the entire tranatlantic flight was plagued by awful turbulence causing me to stay wide awake throughout the duration of the flight. Basically I was a walking zombie for the first few days, but now I feel back to normal.

I unfortunately do not have internet at my apartment yet, but hope to get that set up once my roommates return from their holidays. I suppose it's a good thing to be disconnected for a while from the internet, but I added a data plan to my iPhone, and now I'm probably more connected than I should be.

The weather has been gorgeous since I returned. I've spent several days relaxing at Burggarten, a charming garden on the Hofburg palace grounds; on the Donauinsel, a man-made island in the middle of the Danube river; and at Freud Park, a nice little park in front of the Votifskirche (church). Yesterday I endured a painfully long bus ride to Schonbrunn Palace to go jogging. The annoying bus ride was worth it, as it was the most beautiful place I have ever run at in Vienna. On a side note, now that I have moved, I have to be one of those city people who takes public transport to go running.

To fill the excess amount of time that I have, I also bought a Sommer Ticket, or a summer ticket, with the Austrian rail, which gives me unlimited travel within Austria for another month. Emily and I daytripped it down to Graz, the second largest city in Austria. A beautiful and sunny city, but a bit quiet, due to the holiday.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Goodbye Minnesota!

My vacation at home has come to an end; tomorrow I say goodbye to Minnesota and board a series of flights back to Vienna. My time in Minnesota was great. I'm surprised as to how much fun I had, how occupied I kept myself, and how few arguments I got into with my parents (actually, I don't think we argued about anything). I had been worried pre-departure that I would get very bored very quickly. After all, I was about to spend about 4.5 weeks at home with no other plans than to meet up with friends, go shopping and pet my cat. But I did just that, and every day I had something going on. Thanks everyone for hanging out with me and contributing to a nice trip at home.


  • Day trip to Duluth for Laura's birthday party --> Lake Superior + nature
  • Mesa pizza, Pablo's Mexican, The Good Earth, La Casita, Burger Jones, Annies... oh my God, I ate out way too much. Can't wait to kick my butt back into shape when I get home.
  • Making lots of homemade soups for my parents 
  • Monday walks with Kelly and the 5k we did on Saturday through extremely long grass (difficult)
  • Heather's visit --> Mall of America in two days, Mexican food and drinks in Uptown
  • My uncle's visit
  • Spending lots of time with my friends + family
  • Playing with my cat
  • Buying lots of stuff to take home (clothing, iPhone, shoes...)
  • Goodbye party at the German bar Gasthof's zur Gem├╝tlichkeit
And with that I will say Auf Wiedersehen und danke America! Back to Vienna :D