Thursday, June 23, 2011

The End of an Era as a TA

I probably also should add that I am officially finished working as an English Teaching Assistant with the Austrian-American Educational Commission (Fulbright). Two years as a TA is over! Next big thing: staying in Vienna to work at the Vienna Elementary School Pre-School!

Thanks Fulbright, it was fun.

Bad at Updating

I wish I was more disciplined and/or motivated to update my blog regularly.

Perhaps I just don't have anything interesting to say. Or perhaps life has become too routine here, too normal. It's no longer a novelty to live here and write about the little things that seem strange or new to me, because I'm so used to how things are here. I guess I'm completely settled in now.

But probably it's because I've been ständig unterwegs (basically that means constantly on the go) for the last two months. I haven't spent more than a week in Vienna in the last two months. The chaos started in April when I went to visit Carina in Tirol for Easter break. Here's how it's been since:
  • Easter break in Tirol
  • Week in Vienna
  • English camp in Wagrain
  • Vienna
  • England/Scotland with my aunt
  • Vienna
  • English camp in Mauterndorf
  • Vienna
  • Bergen, Norway to visit Erin
  • Vienna --> this brings me up to my current situation
  • English camp in Radstadt beginning on Sunday
  • Vienna for a week/moving into my new apartment
  • USA from July 7 - August 9
  • Endlich Vienna ab 10 August! (Finally Vienna beginning on the 10th of August)
So my life has been a bit, well, chaotic/stressful/busy/on the go, etc etc.

Although I'm of course looking forward to going back to Minnesota for four weeks, I'll be happy to start a "routine" and have a sense of normalcy in August when I return to Vienna "semi-permanently"... can I say indefinitely at this point?