Saturday, April 23, 2011

Staycation Moves to Tirol

My Vienna staycation has moved locations to House Moni + Sigi in Tirol. I'm back in Tirol visiting Carina, her mother, and her mother's boyfirned (Moni + Sigi). The snow has since melted, except for the snow-capped mountain peaks, and everything is green. The house is situated in the valley surrounded by mountains, and no matter where I look, I feel as if I'm peering into a postcard. It's simply amazing.

The weather has been more than in our favor, with 80 degrees and sunny since I've arrived. We haven't done much other than faulenzen (lounging around) in the sun. So my staycation still lives on.

Today we're going to actually do some physical activity and climb up a mountain. Hope I overcome my Höhenangst (fear of heights).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Staycation Update

A thought just occurred to me: just because I'm not in a new place, it doesn't mean that I'm not on vacation.

I've been enjoying glasses of wine purchased at the wineries in Burgenland where I had the pleasure to taste local favorites with colleagues of mine. I've been treating myself to coffee and brownies. I've been eating lots of good food, either at restaurants, stands, or prepared by myself. (I prepared a wonderful beet soup today.)

I've been reading. I've watched three movies so far, all dubbed into German. On a side note, my loathe for English language movies dubbed into German has since diminished. I've been seeing the sights of Vienna, but with fresh eyes; I've been paying attention to those little details which I tend to overlook on any normal day.

And most importantly, I've been catching up on sleep.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today is day two of my 12 day Easter vacation. I love Austria for their generous amount of vacation days for teachers/students. While most assistants I know are traveling around Europe, I've decided to have a staycation here for the first part of my break. I'll be heading to Tirol at the end of my break for Easter weekend to visit Carina and her mother and her mother's boyfriend.

To kick off my staycation I took a four hour detour through the inner city of Vienna on my way to the farmers market. Originally I had planned to get off the underground early and walk 20 minutes from the tourist area to the market, but somehow I found myself wandering around the streets and allies before settling on getting a coffee at Starbucks and people watching for about a half hour in front of the Hofburg palace. Afterwards I found myself browsing the beautifully decorated wooden Easter eggs at the Easter markets, and settled on buying a few to decorate my desk with. Finally after the long detour throughout the city, I found myself at the farmers market, had a delicious falafel sandwich, and bought some beets and onions so I can make beet soup today.

A 30 minute trip to the farmers market turned into a four hour peruse through Vienna, but it was fabulous. Now back the the extreme couching, as my Austrian friends would say.

Bring out the bubbley-- I got a job!

My uncertain future has finally been determined; I was offered a job working at an English speaking pre-school. That means another year in Vienna! The position begins in September and will go through the end of June. I'm really looking forward to working with this age group, about 4-6 years old. Of course I'm also looking forward to staying in Austria for a third year, although that wasn't why I sent in my resume for the position. The job interested me and I think it'll be great experience for me, so thats why I've decided to take it, not just as an excuse to stay in Vienna another year.

I've got a little more than a month left at my two schools here, and then I'll be spending July and August in Minnesota before the position begins in September.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vulgar Town Names: Fucking, Austria

I went to the most vulgar town in the world, at least according to the English language.

Fucking, pronounced fooking, Austria is located just miles over the German border in Upper Austria, and only about 20 minutes outside of Braunau, where I taught last year.

Somehow I never made it there last year, so this year I made it a "Fucking" priority when I went back to Braunau this past weekend. The weekend was great overall; I saw old friends and caught up with the TAs who currently live there.

And the highlight really was Fucking, just so we could make jokes about Fucking and take photos of Fucking. Here are some pictures I took of Fucking:

Group Fucking Photo

Cheers to Fucking!

Looking at Fucking in the distance